Toucha Fantastic Francis

née le 13 mars 2010
fauvre (true fawn)

Lucienne Rose de la Forêt de Garou

née le 5 avril 2015
bringé marron (brown brindle)

Nikolaus Marius du Clos de la Sapineraie

né le 1 janvier 2017
fauve charbonné (fawn charbonne)


Dogs have always been a part of our family. Having met at a dog park and then later combining our households, we’ve had the good fortune to live with some really cool characters: a German Shepherd, a Tibetan Mastiff and a plain old mutt. We enjoyed the true companionship of our shepherd, and when it came time to add a new family member, we decided to make that our priority. We found that – plus so much more – in our now three Berger Picards. Please contact us for more information about our dogs.


The Berger Picard is intelligent, sensitive, and assertive. The Picard is a rare breed which can trace its roots into antiquity. It has exceptional personality and a real sense of humor, making it a wonderful family dog. Picards are active – both physically and mentally – and need plenty to do. They generally live into their early teens and are relatively healthy dogs, but do have some potential health issues which must be monitored. More information about Picards can be found here: https://picards.us/


We’re in Portland, Oregon.

We would love to hear from you!

Call us @ 503.282.1133.

Or email us @ LesVraisPicards@gmail.com.